Use Cabinet visit to Leeds to learn and change course from faili

 HilaHilary Bennry Benn, MP for Leeds Central, commenting on the cabinet meeting in his constituency, said:

"I'm pleased the cabinet have come to my constituency today, and hope they use the visit to gain more of an understanding of the damage their failed austerity is having on our city. But I fear we won't be hearing anything from David Cameron today on the real problems faced by Leeds.

"There are 1,345 young people under the age of 25 in Leeds who have been claiming JSA for more than 12 months. This is an increase of 228 per cent in the last year. Labour would be helping these people with its Jobs Guarantee, guaranteeing them work which they would have to take or face losing benefits.

"There are 309,200 working families in Yorkshire and the Humber who are receiving tax credits and will be hit by David Cameron's Strivers’ Tax.

"Unless David Cameron and his Tory-led government start acknowledging the issues faced by regions like ours and change course, we won't create the jobs and growth we need."

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