"If you care that deeply about it George, quit Twitter"


Bradford Councillor challenges Galloway hypocrisy on “Twitter ban” call


Labour Bradford City Councillor Michelle Swallow has accused George Galloway of hypocrisy after he called for Twitter to be banned in the UK despite continuing to use the site himself.


The Bradford West MP tabled an Early Day Motion in parliament on Thursday 14th March calling for sanctions to be imposed on the social networking site by the government until it agrees to fully co-operate with UK authorities and police in crime detection.


But despite his new-found moral objection to the existence of the site, which he criticised for existing “primarily to maximise its profits”, Galloway appears to have seen no problem with continuing to tweet to his many followers himself.


In the five days following his filing of the Early Day Motion he tweeted or retweeted no fewer than 200 times.


Michelle Swallow, a councillor in the Clayton & Fairweather Green ward in Mr Galloway’s constituency, said:

“George Galloway’s tabling of such a strongly worded Early Day Motion, which appears to call for a UK ban on Twitter, only to continue using the site himself is baffling. It is hypocrisy of the highest order.

“Why should anyone listen to his concerns about Twitter’s co-operation with police if he’s so openly prepared to flout his own demands for action?

“If you care that deeply about it George, then lead by example and quit Twitter.Considering some of the bile you’ve tweeted about people with special needs in recent months, you’d be doing us all a favour.”



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