"Caught Yellow Handed" - Harman exposes 'duplicitous' lib Dems

caught yellow handedLabour's Deputy Leader Harriet Harman came to Sheffield on Friday to launch a new Labour document called "Caught Yellow Handed - Liberal Democrats caught bang to rights saying one thing and doing another."


She chose to take to the steps of City Hall - the same spot from which Nick Clegg delivered his last major speech of the 2010 General Election on the evening before polling day.


In that campaign Mr Clegg promised not to raise VAT, promised not to raise tuition fees, promised to increase Police numbers.


He said in that speech: "If you trust us with your vote I promise you that I will do everything I can to deliver the fairer, better Britain you want."


But two years on the Lib Dems are propping up a Tory-led govenrment which wasted no time in hiking up VAT, tripled tuition fees and drastically cut police numbers. Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem colleagues voted for all these changes.


Yet from looking at their 2012 local election campaign material you'd think they were nowhere near government - nowhere near having to accept responsibility for their actions. They have the audacity to attack Labour for supporting Westminster cuts. Their leader Nick Clegg is nowhere to be seen on their leaflets, so toxic has his name become.


Some of their Sheffield literature doesn't even have any Lib Dem logo or name on it!


Harman in SheffieldHarriet Harman said:



"Two years ago Nick Clegg stood on these very steps and promised not to raise VAT. He promised not to raise tuition fees. He promised to increase police numbers.


"They were nothing more than empty words - instead he chose to prop up a Tory-led Government and set about breaking promise after promise.


"And yet his party's local elections campaign tries to pretend that isn't happening, they refuse to take responsibility for their actions in Government.


"The Liberal Democrats have been caught yellow handed - saying one thing, but doing another. People in Sheffield and across the country will see through their duplicity, and I'm calling on everyone to vote Labour on 3rd May."



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